Android Platformer COMING SOON!

Hey everyone,

I’m very close to getting a demo of my new Android Platformer game out. Hoping to have some news for you by the end of the month. The demo will be available to everyone. Anyone that’s interested in giving continued feedback as the game is developed please contact me either leave a comment below, email me or reach out on Twitter.

Here are a couple of teaser pics in the meantime:

World Select Screen:

Level 1:

Thanks for reading,


Back from the great beyond …

Hey everyone,

I don’t mean to get anyone’s hopes up but I’m going to be tidying up the site a little and re-uploading any files I have for XAS. This will be a slow process so I appreciate your on-going patience.

Many thanks,


Edit: 29/09 – Download links for both demos and scripts are now live.